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The year 2010 was proclaimed by ONU, the International Year of Biodiversity.
The new set up transforms the concept of ‘biodiversity’ into ‘litodiversità’.
In the new space, the inevitable protagonism of stone faces a real ‘bio-challenge’.
How, through its use, can inorganic stone get a character of life, from its extraction to everyday life scene? Surfaces, sizes, thicknesses, colors are instruments through which the design takes a dynamic and changeable feature in space and time. The transformation of quarry extracted product, coupled with human being genius, gives to stone material a sign that begins from art piece and arrives to use of everyday objects.

The designed space is composed of a series of paths that show the differences in using stone inside living spaces.
An emotional path juggled between the alternation of different materials allows us to perceive on the one hand, the visually light space in reference to the reeds and organic vegetable world and on the other hand, an heavy space in reference to the quarry and the inorganic world.
In the middle, stands the coiling, thin cylinder designed as a meeting point between the two worlds.
The staging of the stone is complemented by a series of decorative objects made of sandstone and marble, structured according to the biological chain and divided into the four elements of life (water, earth, fire and air), sofa-benches, tables, ottomans, small tables, bowls, fountains, fans, lantern lights, vases and chairs. (Glypho)

Where & when:
Marmomacc exhibition.
Verona (IT) _ september – october 2010