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Sustainability, design, creativity, research.

‘No secrets, but a lot of work and a common vision of the project. The trick is to turn every activity into a major project and to include every aspect of a border system where the concept of the Total Look is the great guideline.
Each outdoor has to be interpreted, personalized, imagined in order to be enhanced. Having a design mentaly is to think of an area as a whole, the relationship with the surrounding context and at the same time to dwell on the details: the elegance of a fabric, the warmth of a light, the refinement of a color. Everything is played in the balance between the differents elements.
It is also this design capability that sets us apart from other realities, because, in Corradi, nothing is lef to chance and we all work together to complete the company’s projects.
Like any outdoor space needs to become a living space where all components harminize, so it is necessary to harmonize the various Corradi skills: from concept to completion. In some ways we are ‘Total Look’ in our ADN.’

What we did:
concept for new products and for restyled ones
concept for ADs and events
concept for showrooms and product exposition
for every brand of the group