To achieve the goals set by the Client, UAINOTarchitetti runs different steps, starting form the analysis of architecture’s current state and Client needs, to end with the opening at scheduled deadline.

Analysis of Actual State and Feasibility Study

  • Analysis of the space, the existing architecture, the near by city plan, to propose the best distribution and uses (though site’s inspections and having read existing documentation)
  • The identification of valuable elements
  • The collection of printed and digital materials, needed to start the design
  • Administrative checks for any special requests on the spaces

Concept and First Design

  • Identification of the general concept/mood that will be the guideline for spaces design
  • Layout drafts for single spaces and their relations
  • Sketches, diagrams and render to understand the design in all its forms
  • Definition of the needed actions for achieve the agreed goal with budget control
  • Definition of the timing and work planning
  • Layout update after feedback

Working Team Creation

  • Contact Identity: Project Manager to get a unique relationshipp with the customer (when working with companies will be required to have an internal coordinator for the various activieties)
  • The PM will use a different number of collaborators as needed
  • Timing updates

Final Project

  • Microguides work definition
  • Focus on files details to assist General Contractor
  • Construction’s details
  • Costs Analysis


  • Periodic visits
  • Coordinations with suppliers
  • State of work progress and certifiaction of payments