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A temporary architecture strongly related to marine world and to the place that hosts the exhibition; a space conceived as the ‘theme park’ of the outdoor design.

An octopus out of scale invades the pool area and with its tentacular growth catches from time to time structural elements, locations and outdoor design objects to make them its own.
In this way the external space of the pools is fragmented in multiple exhibitions places, including the platforms in natural wood staves that, as marine docks connected by a walkway made of sandstone, ‘float’ in the reflection of the water.
So, ideally also the octopus head, hosting within the pavilion, is a succession of locations that, in continuity with each other, defines a clear path alternating exhibition, rest and enjoyment areas.
It is here that the space takes the characters of the fascinating underwater world: the flooring panels, painted in shades of blue-green like the sea, are interrupted by carpets ‘yellow Etruscan’, or sandstone slabs that refer to the dry sand of the sea.
The mostly white furniture is contrasted by colorful, scattered objects, like fishes that color the deep sea, and by corten steel objects, like‘relics’ resting on the seabed.

Where & when:
Sun exhibition.
Rimini (IT) _ october 2008