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The production takes place within the temporary cafe and restaurant on the first floor of Diadora SuperstudioPiù, via Tortona 27, in the heart of Fuorisalone at the Salone del Mobile in Milan.

The space is conceived as a three-dimensional representation of Elle Decor magazine_ The fragmentation of spaces reflects the magazine structure: cover, advertising spaces and main articles.

At the same time, the esthetic concept is inspired by ‘the global city’, that encompasses all the urban fringes and the weave of urban and suburban roads, kneaded gently into its texture.
Design becomes an icon of large international metropolis, which constantly grow in size. From this, arises the re-styling of vast spaces, cast off for years and today re-valued and appreciated for their own features.

Therefore architectures, colors and materials defining the former industrial devices in Milan become a source of inspiration; then appear here metal floors, gray or black walls. Spaces are re-designed, enlarged or reduced, but they always intersect with great dynamism, through the rhythmicity, the decoration, the use of natural and artificial lights, in order to inspire the complexity of metropolitan urban patterns.

The outdoor lounge space is created evoking the paths that form spontaneously in the suburban meadows. A sort of landscape that will be dotted with unexpected elements in bright and brilliant colors.