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“For the smoky town, with narrow streets, facades lit by the bright sky … because the facades are the walls of the streets and of roads is made the city , are the visible part of the town, are what the city looks.” Gio Ponti.
The interior design of this space is born with this concept dedicated to the city and how it was created a skyline on a human scale with the facades of buildings, re-presented in ceramics, where instead of the windows we see the excellence educated in Milan aback by the photographer … the reflection of the cathedral, an old tram …
The floor is a series of ceramic finishes and materials that alternate in a deliberately broken down to here because, unlike the real Milan, creates the way if the visitor, who can browse in the garden hidden behind the window or reading a magazine sitting the table under the light of the sun, a huge sphere with its soft light bathes both the prospects that visitors and can peek inside the windows of the ventilated facade (too modern) or rest on the gallery peering through the downstairs, as if it were on the terrace.