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The Guangzhou Pazhou skycrapers its a proposal that pretends to communicate a family connection between two brothers through a traditional architecture, but with a sophisticated contemporary technological touch considering they are located inland of an urban renewal area for strengthen the economic and financial existing district in the city.

The project is based in the facade study, where we playwith a contrast between scanning geometrical structure of the façade, composed of a plot diamond coated with colored aluminum forming a triangular section, and the contraction of glass surfaces that swirl upward around each tower: in this way is emphasized the vertical height of the buildings that assume a sophisticated and technological character, but organic at the same time creating a wanted dynamism.
The color is a fundamental part of the project, it is inspired by the Pearl River, finding a perfect harmony with surrounding river landscape, highlighting itself among many others gray skyscrapers.
The skyscraper is composed of three volumes, a central block and two towers. The building reach 200m of height, with 44 levels hosting offices, shops, hotel, restaurants, etc.

It starts from an essential concept: DNA is a common factor in all of Earth’s creatures, but in humans takes on a character of primary importance. The DNA makes us all equal but different. Variations within the laws laid down by the DNA make different every single individual.

This factor is even more evident with family ties, for example, between two brothers. They are made with exactly the same DNA, but its variations imperceptible form identical individuals but different in features. With these two towers we want to create this link, two towers equal but different, with the same DNA but different characteristics which are reflected on the skin of the building, as if they were human beings.